EuroMillions Most Unusual Lottery Purchases

We all dream of what we would do if we won the lottery; buy a beautiful new home, a new car, jet off to some exotic destination for a luxury holiday…

For those who do win, houses, cars and holidays are a common theme, but here are a few lucky EuroMillions winners whose tastes ran to the more unique…..

Roger Griffiths, who won £1.8 million in 2005 recorded and released a single.

Tony and Greta Dodd, who won £2.4 million in 2007, bought themselves a pair of new knees each.

Dean Hardman, who won £6.7 million in 2006 bought himself a thoroughbred racehorse.

Michael Eggleston, who won £2.7 million in 2007, bought himself a gold Robin Reliant car.

Sarah Cockings, who won £3 million in 2005, paid for her sisters’ boob jobs.

Peter Lavery, who won £10.2 million in 1996, bought himself a whiskey factory.

David Funnell, who won £3.6 million in 2002, bought himself a 57 acre farm with 300 sheep.

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