Not A Pipe Dream

A New York plumber and his son became millionaires after sitting on a winning $136 million Powerball ticket because they thought the jackpot had been won by someone else.

Anthony Perosi bought his ticket from a 7-Eleven whilst at work.

A week later he was in a bar when another customer told him the winning ticket had been bought at that very same 7-Eleven. The bartender, however, told him a teacher had won the jackpot.

“She says ‘Forget about it, you won nothing'” said Anthony.

He pinned his ticket to a wall in his basement where he kept all his lottery tickets and forgot about it.

Some six weeks later, Anthony was in his basement with some spare time and decided to check his numbers.

“I said ‘Let me check those tickets…..I didn’t see anybody in the news or in the paper that won'” he recalled, “The first ticket I checked, all the numbers matched”.

He thought he was having a heart attack when he realised he’d won.

Anthony then called his only son, Anthony Perosi III, and asked him to come over.

Father and son checked the numbers together and began crying hysterically when they realised they were multi-millionaires.

Anthony Senior split his winnings with his son.

They both planned to keep working (although perhaps not quite as hard as before!), “I’m just a simple person” said Anthony Senior.

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