The Wrong One Was The Right One

Kathy Scruggs, from Atlanta, USA, went to the store in October 2011 and asked to buy a Mega Millions Quick Pick ticket. The clerk accidentally sold her a Powerball ticket instead.

Undeterred, Kathy bought the Powerball ticket and also the Mega Millions ticket she had wanted in the first place.

It was the Powerball ticket, which she hadn’t wanted, that was the winner – making her $25 million richer!

Kathy woke her house up with her screams of delight, when she realised she had won.

It was perfect timing too; Kathy had just finished her seasonal job and was struggling to find more work.

She planned to travel, buy a new car and also help her family by buying them new homes.

She also intended to share her good fortune by setting up a foundation to help the homeless as well as helping the needy who were unable to afford dental treatment.

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